Humza Yousaf Implies that Yes Scotland were also counting postal votes ahead of the count.

Spotted a tweet from @neiledwardlovat pointing out that at 00:32 on BBC1 UK on the night of the referendum, Humza Yousaf implies that Yes Scotland were also sampling postal votes. As I alluded to in a recent post about Ruth Davidson’s admission that Better Together were counting postal votes across Scotland, the lack of any reaction by Yes Scotland representatives on the night or in anyone from Yes Scotland making any complaint about the remarks to the Electoral Management Board Scotland, the Electoral Commission or Police Scotland made me suspicious that both sides were counting postal votes when the envelopes were opened. The Electoral Management Board Scotland do not seem to have taken any action after I complained on Monday to them about Davidson’s remarks, whereas both the Electoral Commission and Police Scotland acted on my complaint. It is hard for the Electoral Management Board to refute allegations that they were colluding in allowing the two sides to monitor postal votes; the governance structure and internal auditing procedures of the Electoral Management Board appear to be woeful. The Board comprises senior council executives with responsibility for the conduct of elections at council level, who are therefore dependent upon political support for their careers, with no independent board members.

If Humza Yousaf thinks counting postal votes ahead of the count is acceptable, why was he a member of a Scottish government that only last year drafted and passed the Scottish Independence Referendum Act explicitly making it a criminal offence?

Anyway, here is the relevant clip of Humza Yousaf.

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