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Problems with appointing Emergency Proxies in the Scottish Referendum

On 18th December Mary Pitcaithly, the Chief Counting Officer, and Ian Milton, the Chair of the Scottish Assessors Association (SAA) Electoral Registration Committee, were questioned for an hour by the Scottish Parliament’s Devolution (Further Powers) Committee. The obscure question in

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Electoral Commission Confirm That Police Are Still Investigating Postal Vote Sampling

The Scottish Independence Referendum Act requires the Electoral Commission to lay a report before the Scottish Parliament “on the conduct of the referendum”. This report was laid with the Parliament today. The Act is vague about what the report should

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Update on Postal Vote Counting Investigation

After a minor flurry of interest around Ruth Davidson’s referendum night admission on BBC television that Better Together were counting samples of postal votes and her subsequent interview by the police, the story has gone completely dead in the media.

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