Davidson: “I wasn’t in any rooms where that was happening.”

The police investigation into allegations of postal vote sampling in the Referendum has now completed and a report passed to the Crown Office. In an interview for the Sunday Herald, Paul Hutcheon asked Ruth Davidson about the references she made on television alluding to Better Together taking tallies of postal votes.

Davidson is quoted by Hutcheon as saying: “Well, I mean, I wasn’t in any rooms where that was happening. There are people who are mandated to do that. I was never registered with any of the local authorities to be there. I know that other politicians who were… To be honest, by that point, I think that was about half past ten at night, and I had been up for two [or] three straight days and two nights. I probably don’t know what I was saying at that point.”

Again this is a non-denial denial that Better Together were taking tallies of postal votes and sharing them.

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