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Indyref Postal Vote Sampling: 9 things we know & 1 we don’t.

The counting of any postal votes seen by postal vote agents when the envelopes are opened is an offence in UK elections under the Representation of the People Act 1983 and was an offence in the Scottish Referendum under the

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Timing of Postal Vote Openings

Prior to 2001 the sampling of postal votes in elections was of little value to candidates and their agents because the number of postal votes was low and the envelopes were opened only shortly before the count, giving them little

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John McTernan of Labour joins the premature enumeration club

John McTernan, Labour strategist and globe-trotting organiser, on Sunday Politics, BBC1, 14th September implying that Better Together had been counting postal votes during the initial opening of the envelopes. I am starting to think that hardly anyone watches politics programmes

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