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Electoral Commission Confirm That Police Are Still Investigating Postal Vote Sampling

The Scottish Independence Referendum Act requires the Electoral Commission to lay a report before the Scottish Parliament “on the conduct of the referendum”. This report was laid with the Parliament today. The Act is vague about what the report should

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The Normalisation of Deviance

Whether there was or was not widespread counting of the breakdown of postal votes in the referendum, why has it suddenly become acceptable for politicians to admit that the practice is going on? The increasing number of postal votes and

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John McTernan of Labour joins the premature enumeration club

John McTernan, Labour strategist and globe-trotting organiser, on Sunday Politics, BBC1, 14th September implying that Better Together had been counting postal votes during the initial opening of the envelopes. I am starting to think that hardly anyone watches politics programmes

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Better Together’s Illegal Counting of Postal Votes

On election night Ruth Davidson admitted that Better Together were centrally monitoring the postal votes as they were being opened in the weeks leading up to election day. With 18% of votes posted in, access to this information is strategically

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